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Hi! You've stumble upon Karaoke Club, an Asian Karaoke community. All asian karaoke is welcomed here (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.). In addition English versions of asian released singles are allowed as well.
1. Please post only Asian Karaoke or english covers of asian songs.

2. Please be respectful of the artists. Constructive critiques are fine, but random rudeness is not. (For example - "This sucks" etc)

3. Please no multiple posting. If you have more than one song to post, please put them together in the same post.

4. If you would like to post a cover with your works please place it under an lj-cut if it is larger than 300x300 and over 150kb

5. You may ask for others to work with you on a collaboration, but please only post it once.

6. You may post auditions for cover groups as well, but please only post once. If you need to change something in the audition rules you may edit your first post, but you may not post a new one.

7. Have fun singing and enjoy!